How Our Payroll Model Works

global-hr-consultant2Why compromise?  Get the best of
both worlds:
a global technology platform with a specialized network of in-country Human Resource and payroll experts across the globe — all managed for you by a passionate team of Guardians who unify it all.

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Defining the Path

Most multinational organizations approach their payroll needs in two ways: purchasing a global payroll engine for technology or working directly with in-country vendors for local expertise. Return on investment can be hard to prove with a global platform, especially if there are countries with smaller employee populations as well as the need to internally staffing payroll compliance and tax experts. Working directly with in-country vendors not only requires the time to fully vet vendors in other countries, but requires a commitment to ongoing management and chasing vendors across multiple time zones.  Plus, the cost of technical integrations to HCM or Finance systems can be exorbitant.

Our Unity® solution provides the best of both – a purpose-built technology solution to manage the validation and movement of global data to a network of specialized HR and payroll experts around the world.  Fully managed by SafeGuard World International’s Guardians, our model has been designed to remove your administrative burden. It puts accountability on us, while you enjoy a single point of contact, a single set of key performance indicators and above all, a fully compliant global payroll system.

It’s simple really. We receive your HR changes (integrated from your HCM), time and payroll data.  Our Guardians validate, prepare and send it securely to our network of in-country partners (ICPs). Our ICPs process the payroll’s gross-to-net according to the statutory guidelines for the country, and then the complete gross-to-net details are uploaded into the Unity® solution. Our Guardian global team performs a post-processing validation looking for anomalies and ensuring the input has been processed in accordance with your company policies.

After the payroll results have been approved by you, our team of Guardians prepare final report packages plus your bank and general ledger files, and our ICPs finalize all in-country statutory reports. And since Unity® contains all the gross-to-net details for all your payrolls, you can get true comparative reports across all of your countries at a granular level – using the reporting currency you want – with a push of the button.

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