Managing Independent Contractor HR Risks


If your company is diving into international waters, then you are probably assessing new markets, recruiting, screening, hiring local workers and managing a contingent staff on a global scale.

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Tristan Woods, Chief Technology Officer

Survival of the fittest continues to reign in today’s global business market, requiring you to be creative, nimble and fast to adapt to the changing landscape. Global business expansion is an inevitable path, yet making that decision and the determination of success in one market to another is not so transparent and can be costly – to your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Leveraging specialized in-country talent to initiate market entry, business exploration or even overseeing production lines requires extreme care due to the innumerable variables country-by-country, even to the starting basic – what is an independent contractor versus an employee. Incorrect understanding could expose your company to permanent establishment risk resulting in corporate tax exposure, penalties and even bans from conducting business.

What makes global employment risk management such a challenge is the wide variability from country-to-country. What is acceptable in one country could actually expose you to employment litigation in another country.  Areas that can create risk include which activities constitute an employer-employee relationship; worker classification that can incur statutory benefits; complex payroll calculations, tax and social cost contributions; unreliable banking processes which make funding frustrating and labor intensive; just to name a few.  And working through language nuances, across different time zones, and using multiple currencies only complicate the problem.

Our Global Employment Outsourcing solution was designed to simplify this complex process. We utilize a global network of In-Country Experts (ICEs) who have undergone a rigorous due diligence and selection process, including a scoring methodology based on financial strength, expertise, experience, client references, data security, processes and more. We are now proud to have a network of long-standing relationships with high-quality partners to help you mitigate global employment risk and enjoy the benefits of a contingent labor solution that is managed legally, compliantly and professionally.

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