How our Global Employment Outsourcing Model Works

global-managed-payroll2Our Global Employment Outsourcing Services were designed around a pragmatic model that leverages the expertise of In-Country Experts (ICEs) and the central coordination of a service team that is located in the same location as the client headquarters.

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Our Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) solution was designed to help our Clients fast track their international expansion by mitigating their global worker risk. With SafeGuard World as your single business partner, we utilize a global network of specialized HR and payroll In-Country Experts (ICE) to help you navigate these complicated waters.

Our GEO Services team will help you with determining the test of employment and allowable length of contracting to ensure your workers are managed legally and compliantly. Then our ICE becomes the in-country “employer of record” providing support to your workers at the local level, responsible for onboarding, global payroll administration and local HR support.

Our Global Services team works with our ICE partners to prepare the employment contract in accordance with customary market accepted practices and legal statutes and confirm with you the “start day.” On the agreed date, the new worker reports for duty and works directly with the corporate hiring manager to understand his/her daily responsibilities and tasks at your direction.

From that point on, our Global Services team administers payroll and expense payments to your workers, as well as overseeing payments and tax filings to local authorities. We continue to work with you to manage ongoing HR issues. If and when required, we will also manage the termination process, again, ensuring that it is managed legally and compliantly, according to the requirements in each individual country.

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