Global Employment Outsourcing


Is managing a compliant international workforce slowing you down? With a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you can engage independent contractors without local startup headaches.

Download our Case Study—Legally Engaging Local Workers for a Major University

GEO Case Study

If you are embarking in a new venture in a country where you don’t have a local business entity, then you may want to look at our Global Employment Outsourcing services. It was designed to accommodate smaller employee counts, as few as one, and it provides a compliant method for engaging international workers.

What makes global employment risk management such a challenge is the lack of information about individual countries. The regulations are often written in the local language, the social costs and tax calculations are foreign and sometimes very complicated.

We have simplified the whole process by utilizing a global network of In-Country Experts (ICEs). We are proud to have a network of long-standing relationships with high-quality partners who are contractually obligated to meet local compliance requirements on our client’s behalf.

You and your local worker will enjoy a quick and easy on boarding process and you will have confidence knowing that your global workforce is being managed legally, compliantly and professionally.

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