Global Human Resources Outsourcing

global-managed-payroll2With Global Human Resource Outsourcing (gHRO), you can access your global workforce data and mitigate your global HR risks while you expand your business.

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SafeGuard World’s Global Human Resources (gHRO) solution was designed specifically for emerging global organizations. As a growing multinational, you may not have enough employees to warrant the investment in a large scale global HRIS system, but you have enough to create a need for a centralized system to manage your critical HR processes. With gHRO, automated alerts, notifications for onboarding, employee lifecycle events, paid-time off, payroll services and more are managed from one central location.

In addition to the many advantages of a cloud-based HRIS system, gHRO also provides a fully managed payroll service, which is particularly helpful for growing organizations that have limited internal HR resources. The gHRO solution is controlled by a central team of coordinators that utilize a global network of expert in-country payroll teams along with technologies that ensure compliance with complex international statutory laws.

Absence management, compliant global funding processes and full local statutory payroll processing are designed to help mitigate global HR risks.

Watch the following video to learn more how gHRO works.

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