Global Managed Payroll

Does your Global Payroll system feel more like Global Chaos?  

If you are managing the payroll services for a global workforce, then chances are, your payroll process is actually a series of fragmented processes—spread across multiple financial systems, multiple vendors and multiple geographic locations. You are probably spending too much time on administrative tasks and still can’t access the exact payroll information that you need.

With SafeGuard World‘s Global Managed Payroll services, your fragmented processes will be transformed into a standardized system of record—a unified payroll solution. Our managed payroll solution will provide you with a single point of contact, a single set of SLAs and a single set of KPIs.

Using our SaaS or cloud-based technology, you will enjoy having easy access to your Total Workforce Costs. Our technology solution was developed exclusively to manage international payroll. It was intentionally designed to be integrated into existing HCM and financial systems and to process the specific payroll information that clients require.


As a global leader of payroll outsourcing, we can help you restructure your global payroll system efficiently and cost-effectively. You will have quick and easy access to the payroll reports you need so you can spend less time trying to consolidate metrics and more time making strategic decisions.

Contact us today and learn more about how our international payroll services can help you “calm the chaos.”

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