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We help companies who are faced with managing large employee populations in some countries, smaller employee populations in other countries, or starting completely new in growth markets where they haven’t yet established local business entities.


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A Message from our Chief Guardian…

Bjorn Reynolds

Bjorn Reynolds, Founder & Chief Guardian of SGWI

I would like to thank you personally for taking the time to learn more about SafeGuard World International. I am very proud of our company and the prestigious list of clients who have put their precious payrolls in our hands.

We understand all of the complexities involved in administering a global payroll program and this is why we view our service delivery as a journey we are taking along with our clients. We are focused on the Road Map, serving clients proactively and helping them meet and exceed their business objectives.

We provide global HR and payroll solutions to some of the world’s leading brands. Our clients include both multi-national and mid-market organizations in a wide range of industries including technology, oil & gas, logistics, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, non-profits, entertainment and higher learning.


Our combined model of expertise in both global payroll and global employment outsourcing/contingent labor solutions is the perfect solution for both large and small client organizations who have a mix of large and small employee populations across international markets.

We are a high-growth organization and every client is important to us. Our global staff of Guardians is on a mission to provide world-class service to each and every client. I would like to invite you to join us on the journey; and like our clients, partners and global staff, we hope you enjoy it every step of the way!

A Client Success Story — Legally Engaging Local Workers for a Major University

GEO Case Study

One of our clients is an Ivy League university that has projects and operations in other regions, such as Africa and Asia. Without having a fixed establishment or presence in these countries, this university had to find a way to compliantly engage the foreign workers required to support these projects.

With our Global Employment Outsourcing, or GEO, solution, they were able to legally “on board” their employees in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, China, etc. − in less than three weeks.

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A Client Success Story — Helping a Franchise Go Global

GEO Case Study Franchise
It’s no Longer a Question of “Should I Expand my Franchise Globally?” It’s a Matter of “How Quickly can I do it?” Even if you could legally employ someone to help, how will you on‐board them, administer their payroll, provide them with benefits, etc.?

With our Global Employment Outsourcing, or GEO, solution, this franchise was able to legally “on board” employees in Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea − in less than three weeks.

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A Client Success Story — Silence on Park Avenue

PineBridge Success Story88
Siegy Adler, Vice President of Information Technology for PineBridge Investments first noticed it a few weeks after “go live.” His stewardship of PineBridge Investments’ global Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and payroll implementation had resulted in a resounding success: 22 Countries, over 500 employees, implemented in less than 6 months. Adler felt good about this project until, that is, he realized that the phones and the sounds of incoming emails concerning the new HRIS and payroll environment, at his Park Avenue headquarter office were not ringing or chiming. They were silent.

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A Client Success Story — Consolidated Reporting and Global Payroll Visibility

Ferry Company
A leading Ferry & Transport company was seeking a global payroll solution that would streamline their operations and increase visibility into their multinational payroll information. They had acquired companies in the past and despite having replaced their payroll systems two years prior, this organization still had independent payroll processes, different technology systems and a variety of payroll vendors in each of the countries in scope. With 30 payrolls of various size and frequency, the myriad of payroll calculations were made up of very detailed business rules, making gross-to-net computations highly complex.

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A Client Success Story — Overcoming HR Compliance Challenges

Case Study Shipping Company
600 Employees out of a total of almost 300,000 are a tiny percentage of an overall payroll population. But for this Fortune 100 company, this tiny percentage added up to a ten year problem. Three times over that period they attempted to find a payroll solution for their employees scattered across 17 Caribbean islands. There were persistent legislative and compliant issues, different local payroll processes created accuracy and workflow issues and late tax filings were common.

They had little-to-no confidence in its payroll data.

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